Rendering of the Kilmorey Lodge Pub.
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The Storied History of Waterton Lakes National Park and the
Kilmorey Lodge

The original Kilmorey Lodge (see in the image above) was built as a rooming house in 1926 by Ida Kemmis. It was unfortunately lost to a fire in 1933, but rebuilt in 1935 by Doug Oland of Oland Scott Construction, who was also the primary builder, along with James Scott, of the Prince of Wales hotel. An expansion in 1940 saw the Kilmorey Lodge connected to the building next to it (also seen in the image above). This building was the storied Kilmorey Lodge that so many came to love and have cherished memories of. A second fire in 2009 devastated the Kilmorey, and after over ten years, construction of the newly rebuilt Kilmorey Lodge began in 2019, slowed by the Covid19 healthcare crisis construction came to an end and the hotel, restaurant and pub reopened in 2022.

For those of you not too spooked by scary tales, the Kilmorey Lodge was known to be the host of a ghostly spirit affectionaly called "Mrs. Kilmorey" by staff members. Known as an apparition of an older woman with white hair and a blue floral dress, possessed of a gentle nature, keeping a kindly watch over the guests and workers of the Kilmorey Lodge. We hope Mrs. Kilmorey will once again take her kindly post watching over the patrons and guests who come through the Kilmorey's doors.